iKO Smart Business

Helping you keep track of sale, expenses and
increasing sales by understanding your customers

Monitor sales & expenses


See Whats selling in real time. Yamzit analytics breaks sales down to the item so you can see what’s most popular at your business.

Know when to stay open later or on which days you will need extra help at the business because of high traffic.


No need to wait on end-of-day to know what the business is spending on. Check Yamzit analytics anytime to get a handle on expenses In real time.

All expenses are well kept and you are able to view all this information at any time you would like by simply using the calendar filter

Increase your profits

Our system helps you learn how much each of our customers is whiling to spend each time they visit.

You can then push out targeted ads or promotions Which suggest different products or services to your customers and get them increasing their purchases at your business.

Collect feedback from customers

Know you can collect actionable feedback from your customers in real time. This gives you the chance to see what your customers like and don’t like about your business.

You can use this information to act apron what your customers don’t like. This would make your customers happy and have them return much more to spend more.