Yamzit Loyalty Program

Retain your customers using the Yamzit
Loyalty Program.

Reward repeat purchases

Imagine every customer who walks into your business returns? Reward your customers each time they visit and spend at your business.

When customer’s earn points for their purchases and redeem rewards, they tend to visit your business more regularly and spend more on every visit.

Collect feedback from customers

Know you can collect actionable feedback from your customers in real time. This gives you the chance to see what your customers like and don’t like about your business.

You can use this information to act apron what your customers don’t like. This would make your customers happy and have them return much more to spend more.

Reward customers for feedback

Rewarding your customers each time they give feedback on every visit can go a long way to motivate the customers to always leave feedback.

This will help you improve your business by understand what your customers like and don’t like at your business on every visit.