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Make more sales from managing your business and serving your customers better

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Understand your business and customers
Take out the guesswork, use data-driven insights to understand the ins and outs of your business, and customer behaviour.
Run your business more efficiently
One platform to track and report all that happens in your business. We have an app for everything you need to be successful from sales, to marketing, to payments.
Serve your customers better
Get to know your customers, delight them and get them to stay
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Bring your business to Yamzit, no matter which software you’re currently using, we will help you move.

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One platform with all the tools you need to be successful.
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Point of sale

Record your sales and expenses easily and track them from anywhere online. Get to know the best performing products or services, highest expenses, the best customers and you also get a daily summary report for your business.

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Offer the ultimate “we’ve been expecting you” experience by providing remarkable service. Take online appointments from anywhere, reduce customers’ waiting time, reduce no shows and increase your team’s productivity with Yamzit Appointments.

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loyalty program

Loyal customers spend 80% more than others and are more likely to recommend you to their friends. Turn visitors into loyal customers by rewarding them for spending at your business.

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Accept all kinds of payments safely and securely. Even contactless payments

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