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Thank your regulars with a customer loyalty program
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Reward your customers straight from any of our services
No extra devices or software needed.
Enroll and reward customers straight from any of our services. No need for additional software or hardware to complicate your life.
Only pay for what you need.
Monthly costs start at UGX 80,000 and varies based on what features deliver more value to you.
Increase repeat visits to your business.
Increase foot traffic and visit frequency by rewarding customers each time they spend.
Turn one-time visitors into regular customers
Increase visit frequency with a digital loyalty program and drive your sales up.
Treat more customers like regulars
View returning customers, customers at risk, points accumulated and rewards history all in one dashboard. Get to know more about your customers and provide a more personalised experience for each one of them with a loyalty program.
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Track sales and see the impact of Yamzit Loyalty all in one place

Your existing Yamzit Dashboard tracks data like total loyalty customers, loyalty rewards, and loyalty customers at risk. You can even compare average spend and visits from loyalty versus non-loyalty customers.

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How does it work? Well, it’s as easy as enroll, engage, reward.
Enroll when paying bill
Customers signup with their phone numbers when they are paying their bill.
Engage automatically
Customers get an automated text message when they earn points or rewards, keeping them up to date and your business top of mind.
Reward from your POS
Reward customers directly through the point of sale. Just enter the customer’s phone number to apply rewards.
What a customer loyalty program can do.
Customers who enroll in a Yamzit Loyalty rewards program are twice as likely to be repeat customers and also spend more.
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Simple and transparent pricing. No set-up fees.
1 month
UGX 80,000
UGX 50,000
/ per month & location
6 month
UGX 75,000
UGX 50,000
/ per month & location
12 month
UGX 70,000
UGX 50,000
/ per month & location